Executive Director


National Safe Haven Alliance Executive Director; Arizona Safe Baby Haven Foundation Board President, R.N., B.S.N, BTMC Pediatric Emergency R.N. and Banner Healthcare Safe Haven Coordinator

As the Executive Director for the National Safe Haven Alliance, she leads an extraordinary team of leaders from across the country. After working with Arizona Safe Baby Haven for seven years and as the Executive Director for over four years she was sought after to provide leadership and direction for NSHA in 2017. She is a wife, mother of three children, and grandmother. She has experienced the tragedy through the unnecessary death of a newborn firsthand, and this life-changing event propelled her motivation to save the lives of precious newborns and help parents in desperation.


Heather’s commitment to the Safe Baby Haven mission and raising awareness to provide an alternative to infant abandonment has led to many babies finding forever homes, and a safe place for a parent to find care and support in a heartbreaking and at times dangerous situation. She has shown love for her community, parents, and babies and is a gracious leader in the Safe Baby Haven realm. Her passion to provide safety and hope shines a light in a time of darkness, she has developed partnerships across the country to be the answer. Heather is also the administrator of a comprehensive training program for healthcare systems to provide best practice and subject matter expert direction in mother and infant safety and prevention.  She is now a national speaker and a voice for the voiceless, changing the tide of fear by presenting the knowledge, answers, and resources to make an impact.


Director of Volunteer Services


Shannon McCloud lives in Maryville, Tennessee with her husband and two children. She is a native of Virginia and a graduate of Hollins College in Roanoke.

Shannon served as the Executive Director of A Secret Safe Place for Newborns of Tennessee from 2004 to 2019. She has more than 20 years of experience in non-profit program management and has worked with numerous committees and organizations related to maternal/infant health and early childhood issues.

She previously coordinated the Resources Mothers/Early Head Start Program at People Incorporated in Abingdon, Virginia, where her jounry to help young pregnant women and their babies began.

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Pregnancy Outreach Coordinator


Breshae Greenberg is a mother of two young children, Kennedy & August, and lives in Mesa, Arizona. As a young adult, Breshae lived in a low-income community where she frequently saw families struggle to parent their children, believing they had no other options. Due to this difficult experience, Breshae is dedicated to providing families in need with Safe Haven information and safe alternatives to parenting.

She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Arizona State University, giving her a unique ability to support families and parents in crisis. After earning her bachelor’s degree, Breshae wants to support immigrant women and children as they enter the United States. She is currently the Assistant Manager at a local bridal store where she has spent the last six years empowering brides-to-be. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and listening to Podcasts.


Executive Liaison


Executive Liaison Officer, Will Burner, has been working with the Arizona Safe Baby Haven for nearly eight years and is now with National Safe Haven Alliance. He is a husband, father, and grandfather. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Arizona State University’s College of Public Programs and began his 24+ year Public Safety Career as a Police Officer. He is currently a Captain/Paramedic with a municipal Fire Department and regularly deploys nationally in the Incident Command System. His relationships and understanding of the Police, Fire, and EMS cultures is integral to the mission of the National Safe Haven Alliance.