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Holding Hands

Para padres

¿Embarazada? ¿Necesitas ayuda? ¡Sigue leyendo!  Tiene opciones y estamos aquí para ayudarle a determinar cuál es la mejor opción para usted y su bebé.

Option 1: Parenting

If you want to speak with someone about parenting, our helpline staff will connect you with all of the resources you may need. We can help you locate the nearest DES office, WIC services, prenatal services, non-profit agencies, and the nearest pregnancy resource center for diapers, baby items, and parenting programs. 

If you have delivered your baby at home please consider immediate medical care or call 9-1-1, other information may be found here:

The NSHA team also provides programs for parents such as our Baby Shower Sprinkle Project, Keeping Mothers and Infants Together Program, and our Love Project , please call to speak with our team for more information. 

*If you are looking for parenting support from a local pregnancy center please visit the Care Net website  or Option Line website to find your nearest pregnancy center. 

Option 2: Temporary Placement 

Temporary Placement provides a short-term solution for parents in need who are not currently looking to surrender their child or need time to make a safe plan for their baby. This placement may be with a family member or an agency. For temporary placement options that support children of all ages and help keep families together please call our team or you can also check with the Safe Families Program for more information.

Option 3: Adoption

NSHA uses the website for approved adoption agencies in each state, and we are able to connect you with an agency anywhere in the county. NSHA refers to the agency you choose directly and can walk with you through this process.  We can connect you with an adoption specialist that will answer any questions you may have, discuss the adoption plans available to you, and help you choose the best option that fits your situation.

Option 4: Safe Haven 

NSHA' Crisis Hotline staff can provide Safe Haven locations and assist you through this process, you are not alone. For more information and detail about this option please call or text 1-888-510-2229 to learn about your state's Safe Haven Law. Your baby will either be placed through the state family services agency with a foster-to-adopt family or directly with an adoptive family, depending on your state's law.

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