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How does the law work?
The law saves babies from unsafe abandonment. It says that parents who do not harm their baby will not be prosecuted for abandonment if they hand their newborn to a responsible adult at a Safe Haven location. It gives a desperate parent a responsible alternative. Depending on your state, the law tells you where are the accepted locations that you can leave your baby and up to what age, with no questions asked as long as they are unharmed.
What do I say when I leave my baby?
Once you get to one of the accepted locations (Hospitals, Law Enforcement Agencies, etc.- depending on your state) You will need to relinquish your baby with one of the staff members at the location, and explain that you are relinquishing your infant to them under the Safe Haven Law. You might be asked to fill out some medical information and other important facts about your newborn, yourself, and the father, mainly for the reason of passing along any and all information that might be important to the adoptive parents for the infant. The person who you are relinquishing your baby to will make sure that the baby is unharmed in anyway, and if that is the case, then you will be free to go with no questions asked, and no trouble.

About Us


The National Safe Haven Alliance (NSHA) supports states’ efforts to prevent infanticide and newborn abandonment through safe-haven relinquishments. NSHA is dedicated to reaching these women and encouraging them to make the right choice for themselves and their babies, whether it is a safe-haven relinquishment, adoption, or parenting.

The National Safe Haven Alliance works to publicize safe havens laws so at-risk women know that this compassionate alternative exists for them and their newborns.

National Safe Haven Alliance Projects

To achieve its mission of promoting infant abandonment laws and to support states’ efforts to prevent infanticide, the National Safe Haven Alliance has created the following: celebrity-endorsed public-service announcements; a crisis counseling hotline; customizable brochures, posters, and educational materials; a speakers’ bureau; expert training on building safe-haven programs; an up-to-date compilation of safe-haven statistics, state laws, and safe-haven organizations and programs; media outreach; websites for state organizations.

Sign Project

In addition, NSHA is in the process of installing signs at hospitals across the United States that identify them as “Safe Haven Locations” where babies can be safely relinquished.

Mothers in Need

NSHA has also spent the last year developing a small fund to assist mothers in need who may utilize the Safe Haven program.

State Organizations

NSHA is in the process of helping set up state organizations in areas with no local Safe Haven offices. If you’re interested in helping with this, please contact us at 1-703-496-4980.


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